Friday, July 2, 2010

West Central Square

The west side of the central square is now called Merdeka barat Street. The signing indicates Aloen2 Kidoel (now Merdeka Selatan Street) that is not visible on this photo. Now at this corner is a public toilet. At the backside is the Protestant Church.
This photo was taken sometime before the year 1875, as seen in the picture has not stood the mosque jamik.

Banian Tree Aloon-aloon, Malang

The banian tree in the middle of the central square is now replaced by a fountain. At the background at the south side of the central square the official residence of the resident is visible. Now here is the post office. Most right the Palace Hotel is visible that was built in 1916 (now Rainbow Hotel).

Aloon-aloon Zuid, Malang

This postcard shows the southside of the central square (now Merdeka Selatan Street). At the left side of this street is now the post office.
Along the path of traffic, this is spelled out rather quiet compared with an independent street west front of the mosque lebih2 more independent path north and east of the solid.